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About Us

Our company, PVB Associates, was founded 18 years ago structured as a sole proprietor  and offers extensive experience over the past 30 years. This experience includes consulting work in the provinces of Gauteng, Mpumalanga, Limpopo, Kwa-Zulu Natal, Northern Province and recently in the Western Cape.
A substantial part of this experience was gained in the metropolitan area of
Johannesburg during a time of rapid growth and change.
PVB Associates located its office in Somerset West and operate in metropolitan Cape Town and the surrounding areas although the majority of our operations are based in the City of  Johannesburg.

What We Do

PVB Associates is a town planning and development management company specializing in adding value to properties.
  •  Development Framework
  •  Strategic planning 
  • Development investigations / due diligence 
  •  Land use management schemes
  • Township designs and establishment      
  • Rezoning
  • Consents / departures
  • Subdivisions
  • Related work

We have undertaken a variety of assignments in urban planning and the property development field.

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Previous Projects

Residental development

The work experience includes subsidy housing, middle income development, golf estates, rural residential development and waterfront marina housing. Such types development entails a wide range of densities from 1 unit per ha portions to 160 units per ha in transport orientated development nodes.


Commercial Developments

A wide spectrum of commercial development broadened the experience in the development of industrial townships, ware housing, filling stations, show rooms, shopping centers, clinics and offices.

Rural Developments

Work on farms involved guest housing, rural markets, rural production and value add units, wind turbines and solar power installations.

International Airports

Participation in a design team that produced development proposals for an international airport based on the principles of acknowledged new generation airports.


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